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NEW We have Integrated EHR, Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management Software to provide our clients the best service possible with little or no need to transfer data between providers office and us.

MBS provides a full medical billing service that is committed to not only billing out your claim to carriers, but also making sure you get full reimbursement for the service you provide.

Our commitment and dedication drives us to follow up until you are paid for each submitted claim.

Carriers are continuously making changes in electronic claims filing. Keeping up with ANSI formats, CPT/ICD 10 codes and billing guidelines to achieve full reimbursement is impossible without incurring rising costs for continuing education, updating software and maintaining robust network capabilities.

MBS has the software, hardware, training, experience, knowledge, and commitment to provide an effective and efficient service at a cost you can afford. Let us handle your medical billing needs so you can provide quality service to your patients.

Medical Billing Solutions, LLC
220 Hughes St,
Lawrenceburg, TN 38464

Office Phone: (866) 708-6627 or (931) 766-7383

Office Fax: (931) 762-6532